Angel Keeper’s Foundation is an Interdenominational Organization which became operative officially in Tanzania in 2016. It is a great vision of two police officers who are husband and wife namely Inspector (Cliff) W.I. Tenga and Corporal Angel Tenga. Together with our core job of protecting people’s life and their properties, we also feel we have a call of transforming the lives of children in a need of quality education and underprivileged in the society. That is to say, our core purpose is to improve the socio-economic status of the beneficiary young people through quality education and support regardless of religion, tribe or ethnicity.

Mission & goals

MISSION Our mission is to create hope and better aspirations for our people, especially the average income groups. The needs are massive although those resources are limited.

GOALS Seeks to serve the community and bring hope into the life of average income groups (i.e. underprivileged children etc)


In Tanzania, children who come from average income family don’t get chance to go to good private schools for they are very expensive, while government schools are not in some places and are very populated and there is no school in some places. 

Angel Keepers intervention will rescue many children that could have otherwise be in those school that doesn’t offer a quality education hence a generation that is not well trained to face the challenges of the real world. Under normal circumstance in our Foundation all of the enrolled children are from average income families, who pay minimal school fees, and yet sporadically. Parents of this children are relatively teachers, Polices, Entrepreneurs, farmers, Drivers, etc of whom their income cannot cater for other good established private schools. Angel Keepers School tries to meet their school expenses from using the donation and sponsorship funding.

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How does ndoto help?

Ndoto helps by paying the school fees for some students whose parents cannot afford to pay the school fees. So the students can go to school and have a better future. 10% of the total amount from a graphic design assignment goes to Angel Keepers. 


Last year I visited Angel Keepers in Tanzania and this year I am going back to visit them. Then I will give more information about the school, who is the face behind the Angels Keepers and I will introduce the teachers and students.